Treatment for Sexual Dysfunctions in Men and Women

This medicine contains phosphodiesterase inhibitors to improve the erectile function in men by increasing blood flow to penile organ and developing an erection when a male is sexually stimulated. In absence of sex arousal,Guest Posting the drug does not work.

However Viagra is also considered for females with low libido, but it is not approved by FDA for use by women. Viagra is prescribed as oral drug that should be taken for once in 24 hours, just one hour before sex. Its effect lasts for four to six hours.

The commonly occurring side effects with this drug are headache, upset stomach, blur vision, running nose, backache, muscle ache and rashes. Presently, Viagra is the most commonly used drug in U.S. as a temporary solution for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in men

Erectile dysfunction in men with multiple sclerosis is a common condition however there can also be other sexual problems. The specific causes of erectile dysfunction are apparently unknown, they can be physical or mental in origin.

Sexual stimulation, response and 비아그라구매 orgasm need interaction among brain and genital organs through spinal cord. Due to nerve damage by multiple sclerosis, both males and females suffer from sexual issues for example hypo-orgasmia and anorgasmia. The females widely suffer from reduced vaginal secretion and low libido. In men the commonly occurring sexual problems are: erectile dysfunction, abnormal ejaculation and lack of sexual arousal.  The impotence treatment in India offered by our sexologist helps you relieve from this condition.

Female sexual dysfunction

As female sexual dysfunction has several symptoms and causes, the treatment also varies. It is necessary to communicate openly with sexologist in India about your concerns in order to understand your body. Your goals for your sexual life significantly help in determining the treatment and diagnosis process.

Females with sexual concerns can get the benefit from a combined treatment approach to deal with medical, relationship and psychological issues.

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