Concrete Countertops – A Surprising Option For Your Home

You may not think that concrete countertops sound very appealing or would look very good. When you think of the sidewalks and roads outside and imagine them on your kitchen counter, the picture seems strange and certainly unattractive. However, there are different mixtures available that can make this material a variety of different colors, textures, and forms. Some mixtures use white Portland cement to create different lighter colors. White Portland cement contains less iron and manganese oxides, which give normal cement its gray color. Pigments, stains, and dyes can be mixed with the white cement to create a variety of colors. Various darker colors can be created using normal gray Portland cement. Another variation that can change the way this material looks is the aggregate used in the mixture. You can use either coarse or fine aggregate, but the finer aggregate can have a greater effect on the color of the countertop. For decorative purposes like countertops, the cement is commonly mixed with aggregates like quartz, granite, marble and limestone to create a more appealing look.

The pigments used to create different granite and marble colors for these kinds of countertops can come in various forms. Some pigments are in liquid form, which mixes readily with the cement mixture to create a unique color. Other common pigments are in powder form, but they still work just as well. The surface can also be colored after it is poured using stains or dyes.

Concrete countertops first appeared in the kitchens and baths of some upscale homes, restaurants and stores. Since then, it has become increasingly popular in smaller, more modest homes. This may be because there are so many variations in color and appearance to create a unique countertop in each home. Another reason for its increased popularity is that it can be made into any shape you desire, simply by pouring it into a form of that shape. There are many sealers available now to protect the countertop and change the way it looks. You can choose a glossy sealer or a matte finish depending on the desired look.

Many people prefer the look of natural stone countertops, but concrete countertops can mimic many of those looks. This material can be made to look like granite or marble when it is designed, mixed, and finished properly.

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