What is full body massage?

Begin with the legs, the easiest part to work with and the easiest for baby to accept. Hold the foot with one hand and “milk” the leg from ankle to high with the other. Then, hold the thigh with both hands, as if holding a baseball bat, and using a gentle motion, move your hands from thigh to foot. Finally, roll the leg between your hands from knee to ankle. As you move down the leg to the foot, do a series of thumb presses with your hand encircling the ankle and foot. For the finishing touch, lightly stroke the legs from thigh to feet before you move on to the truck.

To massage the abdomen slide 역삼 op your whole palm and fingers in a hand-over-hand circular motion, working from the rib cage downward. Next, slide both hands around the abdomen in clockwise circular movements. To relax a tense, bloated abdomen try the “I Love U” stroke. (Picture an upside-down U over the surface of your baby’s abdomen. Underneath are your baby’s tense intestines, which need relaxing, and the colon, out of which you try to massage the gas.

Rube some warm oil onto your hands and knead baby’s tense abdomen with your flattened fingers in a circular motion. Start with a downward stroke for the I on baby’s left side (your right). This stroke moves gas down and out of your baby’s descending colon. Then massage along the upside-down L, moving the gas along the transverse portion of the colon and down the descending colon again. Then massage along the upside-down U, stroking upward along the ascending colon, across the transverse, and down the descending colon. Abdominal massage works best with baby on your lap, feet facing you, in a warm bath, or both.) Finally, using fingertip pressure, try “walking” over the abdomen.

For the chest, slide both hands along the rib cage from center to sides and back again, like flattening the pages of a book.

The arms and hands are done in the same fashion as the legs and the feet, beginning however, with a “pit stop” (massaging the lymph nodes in the armpit).

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